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Julie K. (San Francisco) 5 Stars:

After running errands on a recent chilly Saturday morning, I turned up the thermostat–but nothing happened. I started to panic, and then quickly called the service number on the furnace cover. David at Conditioned Air contacted me in less than an hour and scheduled a service call for later that day. He even gave me a courtesy call when he was leaving his other appointment and arrived at my house right on time. Unfortunately my heater wasn’t able to be fixed that same day because David determined that the motor needed to be replaced. Again, David gave me a courtesy call confirming his arrival and showed up on time. I had central heat again about an hour later and for less than the quote! Although most places would probably charge labor on top of the replacement part cost, Conditioned Air considered the installation part of the original service call. My experience with Conditioned Air was very positive. David, in particular, did a fantastic job by being on time and extremely courteous, giving me options but not a hard upsell, and providing great, personable customer service. He really went above and beyond on both visits, answering questions and helping out when he didn’t have to.

Dan M (San Jose) 5 Stars:

Conditioned Air is great. My heater was broken and they were very helpful in fixing it. Called them on Wednesday afternoon, they said they were already booked up for Thursday and would be at my house on Friday at 9. They were at my house at 9 on the dot and fixed my heater in less than an hour. They even hooked my thermostat back up which they didn’t have to do. Al and Ben were very helpful, Ben even gave me his cell phone number so that I could do some troubleshooting with him when I got home. I really appreciate their help and they showed me how to fix the heater if I have problems again. Not freezing anymore. A+

Vicki A. (San Jose) 5 Stars:

I chose them for my air conditioning installation based on the recommendation of a friend. They arrived on time (yay!) – my biggest pet peeve is waiting for service people past the scheduled time or those who arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time frame. They ended up installing a better unit than I paid for since they were out of stock of the one I selected. 🙂 I house built in the 1920’s with very old air ducts etc. but they installed it in just a few hours. I called them back a couple years later for a minor servicing and the guy was in and out in under 45 minutes. And again – right on time.

Honor S. (San Jose) 5 Stars:

These guys are the greatest!! I’ve had them install new heating and cooling systems in three houses and I wouldn’t consider having anyone else do the work. Each job required putting in new ducts, new furnace and new AC, the whole nine yards. They are clean and efficient, well organized too, i.e., the company has a small delivery truck that will bring extra parts to the job site as necessary so that the workers do not have to leave the site and interrupt their work. They bring their lunches so there is no going out for long breaks either. And at the end of each work day, everything was put away and the inside of the house vacuumed. They know what they’re doing and they care about their work.

Cheryl C. (Los Altos) 5 Stars:

I called Conditioned Air in early 2010 to give me a bid on replacing my old heater and A/C units as well as install a zone system in my house. They gave a competitive bid in writing including 10 year warranties on the units as well as their work on the zone system. About a week later one of the A/C units stopped working. I called and they had a man out the next day to take a look. He realized immediately that there was some soldering problem on one of the units which occurred during install, fixed it immediately, refilled the refrigerant–working again! Haven’t had any other problems and it has now been over 6 months since installation. All in all, despite the soldering issue, I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of the installers and the responsiveness of the company to the failure issue. Their bid was very competitive and I figure if we don’t have any problems over the next ten years we are not going to have any problems, so as long as they stay in business I am set for the next 20 or 25 years!

Martha E. (Sunnyvale) 5 Stars:

I would highly recommend Conditioned Air Associates. Our neighbors had recommended Conditioned Air as the vendor to do the work as they had Conditioned Air install their heater and home air conditioner a couple of years ago. The co-owner of the business Ben Leveroni met with us twice and thoroughly explained the products, our options, his recommendations and their installation procedure. He recommended a HVAC system with zoning so the upstairs and downstairs would have independent thermostats. Ben explained the tax credits that were available up until December 31, 2010. The Conditioned Air proposal was prepared in less than 24 hours. It was comprehensive with all costs and services defined. The project was completed on time and on budget. There were no surprise change orders or undisclosed fees. We were totally satisfied with the results of this project and felt it was an excellent value. The construction permit was approved allowing us to claim our tax credits in a timely manner. I highly recommend Conditioned Air for their openness in explaining our options, responding to our questions and the superb installation team.

Hope T. (San Mateo) 5 Stars:

My friend needed to put a new heater and air conditioner and called our company to install it. We are up north and don’t go as far south as San Jose. Being in the HVAC industry, we’re familiar with a number of places (good and bad). I referred Conditioned Air based on our knowledge/experience with one of their owners Ben. I would never recommend a company for anything unless I was 100% sure they would follow through, get the job done, and do it well. My friend is a non-yelper and I feel companies should get their kudos when deserved since we rely on these yelp reviews for business, so here’s the end to this story. She said they were great, responsive, got the job done ,and Ben was awesome. She has since referred 4 other family and friends to Conditioned Aire. Referrals…a testament to good work. Good job guys!

K.K. (Fremont) 4 Stars:

I’ve dealt with them twice.
First was when the heater stopped working in our condo. They sent a service tech who found a bad blower, asked if I wanted him to order a new one, and showed me the old one. When the blower arrived, installation appointment was prompt. All worked AOK now. FYI – the tech is a bit scraggly loking, but very polite. The second time was to purchase and install an AC unit. We didn’t have enough amperage to suport the AC so they recommended an electrical contractor. On amped up – installer arrived and were polite and clean. Seemed to be thorough and do a good job – no problems so far (1 week).