The Importance of Maintenance

How Maintenance Can Save You Money

At Conditioned Air Associates, we pride ourselves on keeping customers informed on how they can pursue more cost-effective options. By selecting top brands and high quality products, you can trust in the long term life of your air system. For more than 30 years, our team of skilled technicians has been working with clients to help them save money. One of the most impactful things you can do to ensure that your air conditioner or heater is performing at an optimized level of efficiency is to schedule routine maintenance. When you work with Conditioned Air Associates, we can set up specific times that fit into your schedule, making a routine appointment quick and simple. Call to schedule a free estimate of your air conditioner or heating system.

While the immediate cost of servicing your air conditioner may seem like it’s costing you more money, the investment will not only provide you with lower energy bills, but ensure the longevity of your system. Replacing or installing an entirely new system will cost you far more than simple maintenance checkups. The discipline of routine tune-ups will allow your system to operate more efficiently and require fewer repairs.

In some cases, air conditioning units or heating systems that have been regularly repaired last two to five years longer than the model is supposed to last. By avoiding replacement costs, saving on monthly bills and enjoying optimal air flow, you can quickly earn back your investment from the routine maintenance. You will also gain a more environmentally friendly household with cleaner air. Neglected cooling units often start to act up, causing some rooms to be unevenly heated or cooled. Regular maintenance can provide your entire house or business with specified and consistent temperatures throughout the year.

Maintenance Services

When our professionally trained technician arrives for a regular maintenance appointment, they can provide you with several services. We offer new air filter installations, ensuring your system is running efficiently and providing a clean air flow. A technician can also examine your drain to make sure excess condensation is draining properly. They will perform tests on the compressor and condenser to make sure they are both functioning at the regular level. Simple services we provide can go a long way in efficiency-like cleaning the inside and outside of your unit. This will help the unit to function with less strain and remove any excess dirt or grime that is slowing down the fans. Our technicians always check the ventilator belts, ensuring that they remain properly in place. For a low cost, Conditioned Air Associates will work with you to prevent any future air system failures. Don’t allow your air conditioner or heating system to go without routine maintenance.

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