Frequently Asked Questions

Is your company licensed and bonded?
Yes, our contractor’s license # is 445162 C20

Do you use subcontractors?
NO, all work is performed by Conditioned Air Associates knowledgeable employees. Our sheet metal shop fabricates all duct work and other metal products used for installation of air conditioning equipment. Our crane makes for speedy installations; no time is wasted waiting around for a subcontractor.

Do you service as well as install new Air Conditioners?
Yes, we have knowledgeable technicians available to you seven days a week for service and repairs. We are available to install new residential Air Conditioners Monday thru Saturday.

Is the SEER rating the only important consideration when purchasing a new a/c unit?
S.E.E.R. (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is established by manufacturers and reported by an organization named ARI (Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute; which is an association of A/C manufacturers). S.E.E.R. ratings are established at the temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.95 degrees may work well in most parts of the country but not here in southern AZ .When purchasing a new a/c it ‘s very important consider
(1) Unit capacity
(2)CFM (cubic feet of air flow per minute) and (3) the S.E.E.R. rating. All of the above are equally important, for instance what good is a 12 seer unit if it does not have the capacity to cool your home on a hot day?

How good are those $29.95 tune-ups advertised by phone solicitors?
Non-reputable a/c companies often make ‘cold-calls’ to residential areas to generate quick income. They send a tech (usually only capable of fixing minor problems), who always seems to find that your contacts/coils/condensers need cleaning/replacing. They offer to replace them (at an exaggerated price), then offer you an extended service contract (payable at the time of purchase). Beware of all telephone solicitors!! Non-reputable a/c companies often make ‘cold-calls’ to residential areas to generate quick income. They send a tech (usually only capable of fixing minor problems), who always seems to find that your contacts/coils/condensers need cleaning/replacing. They offer to replace them (at an exaggerated price), then offer you an extended service contract (payable at the time of purchase).Beware of all telephone solicitors!!

Why does Conditioned Air Associates have the only air-conditioning showroom that displays all brands?
We feel that if customers are offered a choice of every major brand of air conditioning they’ll be better equipped to make an educated decision about what’s right for them. We also guarantee that after spending just 15 minutes in our show room you’ll know more about air conditioning than you ever thought possible!

What is a 10 year 10 year 10 year warranty?
Most a/c manufactures offer a standard warrant of 10 years warranty for the compressor, 5 years on parts, and the installing contractor offers a 1 year labor warranty.

So the 10 / 10/ 10 warranty is really 5 additional years on parts and 9 additional year’s labor.
The trouble with the 10 /10/ 10 warranty is many contractors would rather repair a unit that is not in warranty and get paid from their customer rather than having to submit a bill to the warranty Company for a greatly reduced price. Although some offer the 10/10/10/ free there is added cost to the contractor which of course is passed on to the consumer.

During the hot summer months we commonly hear “The heck with the warranty Co. We’ve been waiting for 6 days for service and we need our a/c unit repaired NOW!”

Which air conditioning unit is best for your home?
There are many considerations, price, efficiency, noise, etc…

Compare manufactures specifications at Conditioned Air Associates showroom
At Conditioned Air Associates showroom all units are operational and have electric meters to demonstrate efficiency.

Does Conditioned Air Associates offer maintenance agreements?
NO At the conception of Conditioned Air Associates Air Conditioning Joe and Linda Conditioned Air Associates vowed to offer their customers the best value. Maintenance agreements are usually one sided in favor of the companies that offer them. Caution: telephone solicitors may offer a (foot in the door) low price maintenance service. When the technician arrives they all try to sell the easy to change part a contactor and clean the coil for approximately $260.00. They will then agree to make the repairs for free if you will sign a maintenance agreement for three years at the cost of only $599.00. It is never good business to pay for anything in advance.

How long has Conditioned Air Associates been in business?
Conditioned Air Associates has been in business for 32 years. Joe and Linda Conditioned Air Associates started the company in 1970 as a one man service company, Joe did the service calls and Linda answered the phones. Their goal was to provide their customers with competitive pricing, speedy service, and above all, their customers would be treated fairly. Conditioned Air Associates has since grown to become one of the largest and most respected air conditioning companies in Arizona.

Do you install on commercial buildings?
Yes, in some cases. We are mainly residential retrofit.

How does Conditioned Air Associates define “Customer Satisfaction?”
Customer Satisfaction is…the feeling that a product or service has met or exceeded the customer’s expectations.

Why is it so important for Conditioned Air Associates to keep our customers satisfied?
We get hundreds of new customers each year who have been recommended to us through satisfied acquaintances, friends, and family members. Besides, it just makes good business sense… Keeping a customer costs about 1/4 of what it costs to attract a new one!

If I need to replace my A/C, how long will it take?
In most situations it will take us from 2-3 hours to replace a rooftop A/C unit, and about 3-5 hours to replace a split system. These times can vary, however, the amount of time it takes our technicians is greatly reduced due to the fact that the A/C units are prepared before they leave the shop.

Why am I getting bad air flow?
You need to make sure that you have good registers. Most Arizona homes were built with cooler registers. The louvers on these registers just move up and down. Good registers are called Opposed Blade Damper registers. They pressurize the duct work which helps distribute air more evenly.

Why does Conditioned Air Associates give 4hr appointment time-frames instead of specific appointment times?
We like to give customers the benefit of the doubt when they describe their problems over the phone to our office personnel. We treat each service call as an individual call and try our best to be prepared for the unexpected. If the unexpected does occur and extra time is needed we greatly dislike leaving issues unresolved. Consequently, the time- frames we provide protect not only us as a service organization but you as a valuable customer.

Who owns Conditioned Air Associates Air Conditioning?
Conditioned Air Associates Air Conditioning, an Arizona corporation is owned by Joe and Linda Conditioned Air Associates .The business was started in a small apartment located at 1030 W. 5th St. Tempe in 1970. Joe ran the service calls and Linda answered the phone.

By the year 2000 Conditioned Air Associates had grown to be recognized as the premiere Air Conditioning co. in Arizona.

Why does Conditioned Air Associates advertise “SUDDEN SERVICE “?
Conditioned Air Associates maintains a staff of service technicians and installation crews so that in most cases we can provide same day service or even same day installations.

Does Conditioned Air Associates provide a referral list?
Yes, we have references available of recent installations within a 5 mile radius of your home.

How long is the boom on your crane?
Conditioned Air Associates crane reaches about 83 feet. We RARELY ever run into any situation that we can not handle.

Does Conditioned Air Associates carry room air conditioners?
No, we only specialize and carry roof top and split systems.

What does A/C stand for?
Air Conditioning.

What does S.E.E.R. stand for?
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. All manufacturers establish S.E.E.R. ratings at 95 degrees. Important! Actual unit capacity at high temperature should be considered along with the S.E.E.R. rating.

How much money can I expect to save with a new A/C?
Modern high efficient air conditioning uses about 50% less energy.

What does HSPF stand for?
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

What is B.T.U.?
British Thermal Unit. The amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.

What brands of Air Conditioners do you service?
Conditioned Air Associates top notch technicians are qualified to work on all brands of Air Conditioners.

What is the difference between 7day and 5day-2day programmable thermostats?
With a 7 day thermostat you can program each day to separate time settings.

With a 5day -2day, Mon – Fri settings are the same and Sat/Sun can be another separate setting for the weekend.

How do I determine the correct “Tonnage” (Ton) of A/C my home requires?
Tonnage is usually determined by square footage. The formula most commonly used is: every 500 sq ft = 1 Ton of a/c. However, the fact that a home has vaulted ceilings or is multi-level can also be a direct influence. To avoid under/over sizing a professional should be consulted.

Is a bigger air conditioner better suited for my home?
No, bigger is definitely not better in air conditioning. An air conditioner’s function is to cool the air by drying it. Over sizing a unit makes it more difficult to remove moisture from the air in your home, creating a “clammy cool” air.

What does AFUE stand for?
Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency

What are the best supply registers?
The best registers are the kind that has opposed blade dampers. Opposed blade dampers allow for pressurizing the supply ducts and squirt the air to the far reaches of rooms which makes for better air balancing and comfort.

How can I lower my electricity bill?
A few recommendations are:
1) Install sun screens.
2) Draw shades and drapery on the east side in the morning and west side in the afternoon.
3) Ceiling fans can really help circulate the air.

Do you recommend using swamp coolers?
Modern air conditioning technology makes new air conditioners just about as efficient as evaporative coolers. Evaporative coolers / Swamp coolers require a lot of maintenance, and can blow a lot of dirt and allergens into your home. Because of the high mineral content in our water the floats stick and frequently overflow staining your roof, also the moisture they produce can damage fine furniture. The trend is to remove evaporative coolers and any connecting air duct at the time of installing a new air conditioner.

What is the best way to install a rooftop air conditioner?
At Conditioned Air Associates showroom there is an actual installation on display. It features a custom-made, double-insulated, ducted sheet metal elbow, an angle iron roof stand, all electrical wiring is in liquid tight conduit, a quality fusible disconnect, and a digital programmable thermostat.
There are also many photos of Conditioned Air Associates vs. other company’s installations.

What is a “scroll” compressor?
It sets new standards in cooling efficiency, and with fewer moving parts, it’s more reliable. They use less than 1/2 of the energy that the old reciprocating compressors did.

What is the condensation drain for?
The cool temperature of the evaporator coil causes water to condense. In most cases a plastic pipe is used to drain the water outside of the home.

Is it true that R-22 (Freon) will soon be obsolete?
The Environmental Protection Association (EPA) is calling for a cease in production of all products that use HCFC refrigerants, such as R-22, by the year 2010. However, the eventual phase out of R-22 is not scheduled to occur until the year 2020.

What does it mean when my indoor coil freezes up?
The #1 cause of a frozen indoor coil is… the restriction of air flow. The regular checking and changing of your air filter along with annual maintenance check-ups should alleviate this problem.

When I finally decide to replace my A/C system how do I know what I need?
This is a commonly asked question and although the answer is not overly complicated there are certain questions we need to ask to provide you with the correct information.

1. What type of unit do you currently have? Roof-top/Ground, electric/gas, Tonnage, Brand/age of unit?
2. What part of town do you live and what is your Square Footage?
3. Where is the Air-Handler located in your house? (It’s usually in a crawl-space, a closet, or a garage)

If it’s an electric roof-top…it’s called a Packaged Heat-Pump.
If it’s a gas roof-top…it’s often called a Gas-Pac
If it’s a split-system, electric…the outside unit is called a Heat-Pump Condenser
If it’s a split-system, gas…the outside unit is called a Straight-Cool Condenser.

Will I still have a pilot light in my furnace when I get a new a/c?
No, gas furnaces that are built today have electronic igniters.

How can I alleviate a “whistling noise” coming through my return filter grill?
There is a Bar Type filter frame which can be installed where the bar slats are further apart, helping this problem. Also, make sure you change your filter once a month, or as needed.

How do I choose the right contractor?
Ask around. Seek referrals from neighbors, family, or business associates. It is wise to get price quotes from 2 to 3 contractors. Check the contractors’ background. Contractors who bid on your installation should be able to show you proof of bonding and insurance. Check with the Better Business Bureau and consumer affairs office for compliant records. Also, here at Conditioned Air Associates we have the ONLY showroom that you can shop and compare all major brands of air conditioners side by side.

At what temperature is S.E.E.R. rating actually tested at?
It is tested at 95 degrees.

How often should I change my filters?
As often as they get dirty, check at least once a month.

What’s included in our 16-point maintenance service?
Check Thermostat operation
Clean filter or replace (customer supplied)
Check system temperature split at unit.


Check system operating pressures (Freon).
Lubricate indoor and outdoor motor as needed. Check bearing play.
Inspect fused disconnect.
Inspect wiring and tighten electrical connections.
Inspect contactors, relays and electrical controls.
Inspect electrical safety circuits.
Inspect indoor blower and motor for dirt buildup.
Inspect belt and adjust tension (as required).
Inspect outdoor coil and advise.
Inspect duct seal at units and secure panels.
Check evaporative cooler duct block off (as required).
Check resistance heat controls (as required).
Explain and document needed repairs (if any).

Evaporative Cooler Service Includes:
Change Pads – (Pads are Extra)
Lubricate motor and bearings.
Adjust float and belt.
Check amperage on motor.
Remove sheet metal damper or inspect automatic damper operation.

What type of filters do you recommend?
We recommend the pleated type of air filter. These filters have the most surface area for dust collection and are extremely efficient. We’ve found that many of the cleanable electrostatic filters may restrict airflow due to dirt particles trapped in the inner layers.

How often should I have my a/c or furnace maintained?
Manufactures recommend that you have it checked once a year. Airquest Heating & Air offers a “Friendly Reminder Service” for our customers. We will call you (at your request) during the slower part of the year (March or October), and remind you that it’s time to schedule a maintenance call.

What brands do you carry?
We carry all major brands of air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces. The units are on display in our showroom and are operational. Factory specifications are available and all units have electric meters.